Is your health and safety all sorted???

Is your health and safety all sorted???

A lot of companies we talk with tell us their health and safety is all sorted! They have a hazard register, health and safety policy, and when time permits, carry out toolbox meetings.

They think having paper with the right words along with the odd toolbox meeting is all that is required. REALLY??? If we pause just for one moment surely, we all understand that this is far from what is required. In fact, it is all about good communication ensuring safe practices are integrated into everyday work practice along with having the appropriate checking mechanisms in place to keep everything current.

Our 4-step approach is simple, however very effective.

Step 1. Identify all hazards in your workplace (things that have the potential to hurt people)

Step 2. Rate the risk of each hazard (what is the potential harm that may result).

Step 3. Identify and implement the hazard controls (doing things) to manage the risk appropriately.

Step 4. Follow a Plan – Do – Check – Act quality cycle to monitor, maintain and keep the doing things current.

Here at Bedrock Solutions, our goal is to integrate your health and safety into everyday work practice. With the combination of using B-Compliant (our cloud-based platform) and working with us directly, together we will create a ridiculously effective safety system – Even if You’re Not a Safety Expert!!!

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Date Posted: 16 July 2021