Do checklists add value to your business?

Do checklists add value to your business?

Checklists help prevent failures and promote productivity. However sound management practices are not interchangeable with management by checklists. When people use checklists for everything, they develop fatigue for them. As a result, they just ignore them, which defeats their very purpose.

For checklists to be effective, staff must be trained correctly in their job with a good overview of the associated workflows and why the checklists are necessary. Checklists can improve performance in the job and help people achieve more consistent results. They are explicit reminders of the minimum necessary steps. They are methods of verification, and they support a discipline toward higher performance. Well-designed checklists ensure basic checks are always completed before performing an important task.

Here at Bedrock Solutions, we can assist you with standardising your workflows by developing standard operating procedures and building well-designed checklists that can be enabled using our SmartForm platform.

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Date Posted: 28 July 2021