What exactly are SmartForms?

What exactly are SmartForms?

Hope you are keeping well. It certainly has been a little while since we sent out a post.

Today I want to talk about SmartForms. But what exactly are SmartForms? Well, these are not paper forms. These are electronic forms which automates workflows and reduces paper. They work on mobiles, tablets and even desktops. 

If you are reliant on employees filling out paper forms, someone to collect these forms, scan them and someone to then review them before filing these then you need SmartForms as this is a far easier way of managing your completed forms.

SmartForms make a difference. By introducing SmartForms into your business you save time and money by minimising data collection errors and streamlining processes. You no longer must wait or continually chase someone to physically deliver the completed form!

So how does it work? Well, you save the SmartForm App as a bookmark on your device; log in; select the SmartForm you require; complete it and click submit. Completed forms are immediately delivered to the recipient. Easy.

Can you replace your paper forms with SmartForms? Yes of course! Our SmartForms are standalone. You do not need to subscribe to B-Compliant. Some of the other ways our SmartForms can help are induction quizzes for employees and contractors; Job Safety Analysis; Take 5 Assessments; Site Audits; Competency Assessments; Work Process Alert Forms and Contractor Pre-Qualification Review Questionnaires. We have just developed a brand-new Fatigue Survey using our Smart Form which you are most welcome to try out for free.

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Date Posted: 16 May 2022