Could your Communication be Ineffective?

Could your Communication be Ineffective?

Ineffective communication can be a major reason for workplace accidents, machinery being damaged and rework. Communication with respect to critical activities needs to be integrated into the operational setting so key messages and concepts are repeated on a regular basis. This helps institutionalise good thinking where people instinctively follow the correct steps.

Pre-work safety meetings, or toolbox talks, are a good platform to repeat such key messages and concepts. Communicating a pre-work or pre-meeting safety moment just for the sake of it is ineffective and won’t give the desired result. Tips to get the most value out of your meetings:

  • Engage your audience– A safety briefing, or moment at the start of a meeting, must be a two-way conversation between you and your workforce. Don’t talk at staff; talk with them. Understand their concerns and give them a chance to ask questions.

  • Not read manuals at meetings – Reading from a safety manual repels interest. It reflects your lack of preparation for a healthy and engaging discussion.

  • Chalk out a time and place – It’s best to plan. Demonstrating what you are trying to teach works better, too.

  • Discuss relevant safety issues– Don’t talk about topics that don’t apply to your work.


Quite often people struggle to find things to talk about. A simple solution is to review a hazard at each of your meetings. Discuss in detail how the controls (doing things) are applied in your day-to-day activities. This may include discussing and reviewing associated standard operating procedures.

The power in joining the dots not only leads to efficiency gains through less administration but also enhances communication leading to fewer incidents.


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Date Posted: 19 October 2021