Communication and Coordination

Communication and Coordination

High-risk tasks requiring coordination between people are a concern. Good communication is paramount. We need to understand the process, simplify it and minimise the people involved as much as possible.

To integrate this approach into everyday work get your people to take five minutes before getting underway with a new job to complete a Take 5 Risk Assessment checklist. Questions to answer:


  1. Do I clearly understand what is required?
  2. Am I trained to do the work and familiar with the equipment/task?
  3. Are the tools and equipment in a safe condition?
  4. Do I have approved documentation for the task?
  5. Am I safe from other activities/tasks in the area?
  6. Have I informed others who may be affected by my work?
  7. Do I have the correct PPE for the Task?
  8. Have I identified any hazards associated with the task?
  9. Have all hazard controls been implemented?
  10. Have all potential problems been discussed and understood by all?
  11. Can the Task proceed safely?


The Take 5 Risk Assessment Checklist is a part of our Ready-To-Go SmartForm offering. A photo of the work environment can also be taken before the job commences, which is embedded into the completed Take 5 checklist. The completed checklist is automatically emailed to the required parties at the time of completion increasing transparency and accountability for all involved.


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Date Posted: 28 June 2021