A different way to think about Health and Safety!

A different way to think about Health and Safety!

It is quite common for companies to compartmentalise their health and safety from other work activities. In other words, they think of health and safety as an additional component or something separate to their core work activity.

This usually results in a less than desirable outcome in managing their health and safety to a satisfactory level. A far better approach is to think in terms of how do you do the job right first time? This broadens your thinking to include health and safety, quality, environmental and client requirements. This then transfers to standard operating procedures to standardise work activities.

The three key questions to ask are:

  1. What are the associated risks to your people and business?
  2. What controls (doing things) are required to manage these risks?
  3. How do you implement and monitor these controls to ensure they continue to be effective?

The above strategy integrates people and business risks to ensure appropriate controls (doing things) are implemented across all aspects of your business with adequate monitoring systems. This approach adds value to your bottom line!

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Date Posted: 09 September 2021