Cloud-based process management tool to assist businesses integrate their operational management systems to increase effectiveness and efficieny.
B-Compliant is based on a quality continual improvement cycle of Plan-Do-Check-Act giving a pathway to continual improvements.

A Working Example
A widget factory uses a forklift to load widgets onto trucks. As this has the potential to harm a person "Use of forklift" is classified as a physical hazard and entered into the Hazard Register. Controls include servicing the forklift on a regular basis; only allowing trained staff to use the forklift and having a traffic management plan in place.

B-Compliant integrates the hazard controls into operational processes to manage the risk by adding the "Use of forklift" competency to the appropriate job roles; uploading a training procedure; implementing a service plan; implementing a document review schedule for the traffic management plan and scheduling staff training.

The manager then receives prompts via email to maintain operational processes by completing scheduled tasks. These are actioned, the evidence is uploaded and tasks are rescheduled.

At specific time intervals management review operational processes utilising B-Compliant reports, to evaluate and implement improvements.

Managing Health and Safety
The HASANZ Register
The HASANZ Register is a one stop shop for businesses to find quality health and safety advice.
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General Requirements for Workplaces
There are certain safety requirments for workplaces that all PCBUs must meet.
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Guidance for business leaders
Business leaders have an obligation as officers to excercise due diligence to ensure the business meets its obligations.
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Worker Engagement and Participation
All businesses and undertakings must involve their workers in workplace health and safety.
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Working with other businesses
When there are multiple businesses at the same location, each business must do what they can, within their influence and control.
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Worker Representation
Worker representation can benefit a business and workers in many different ways.
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Health and Safety Representatives
The best outcomes are achieved when a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) and its staff work together.
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Young People at Work
All jobs are important for young people in developing a work ethic and the skills to identify and manage work-related risks.
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SafePlus is a new, voluntary, health and safety performance improvement toolkit for businesses.
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