How to improve critical workflows in one easy step

In our last newsletter, B-Compliant smart forms were mentioned. Several people have queried how they work. Put simply we look at your workflows, convert critical paper forms into smart forms. These are enabled on smartphones, tablets and computers. Your smart forms automatically become robust data entry screens. Click here to test out our demo work process alert form.

How to set up on your smartphone:
1. Open the above link
2. Copy it
3. Email to yourself
4. Open the link on your smartphone
5. Add to the home screen. Job done!

Smart forms can also be set up to automatically submit data to google spreadsheets – a great way to keep track of running hours of machinery. Compared to the good old fashion way:
1. Staff record logged hours on a sheet 2. Log sheets are collected 3. Data is entered into spreadsheet.
The time savings are obviously, and data entry errors are reduced!

Some of the many applications of smart forms
1. Staff Induction Quiz
2. Contractor Induction Quiz
3. Job Safety Analysis
4. Pre-Job Checks
5. Site Audits
6. Standard Operating Procedure Quizzes
7. Work Process Alert Form
8. Contractor Pre-Qualification Review Questionnaire
9. Policy Document Generation
10. Machinery Log Hours

Smart forms close the communication loop giving an instant response, that then allows the processes to be completed and rescheduled. Smart forms are customised to the client’s requirements. If you require a customised smart form to be built do not hesitate to be in contact.
Bedrock Solutions remains at your service.