Reviewed Health and Safety Resources

There are a number of guidelines, policies and health and safety manual available in the B-Compliant Library that have recently been reviewed. Go to the library and open the “Reviewed H&S Files”. We have used our email report blaster to generate this document.

If your business activities include loading and unloading trucks, the Safe Loading and Unloading guide is certainly worth a look at. This guide fits well with your traffic management plan in combination with training and re-evaluating staff in safe loading and unloading work practice.

Also, we have added a “Resolving Problems” section to the general health and safety policy. Did you know that it is a legal requirement to have transparent systems in place to ensure your staff are aware of the processes to resolve problems?

We will continue to add new resources to the B-Compliant Library and keep you posted. Bedrock Solutions remains at your service.