Combining Technology with Health & Safety

Combining technology with day to day operational activities gives a business an effective way to assess, maintain and improve operational processes in alignment with good practice using a systems approach.

Bedrock Solutions utilises technology with its bespoke tools:

  • B-COMPLIANT – maintenance of operational systems
  • Email Report Blaster – communication with stakeholders
  • B-Compliant Smart Forms – instant verification of completed work activity.

B-Compliant Smart Forms
Smart forms can be used on a smartphone, tablet or computer. This may include signatures, photos and scanned documentation. Some of the many applications of B-Compliant Smart Forms are:

  1. Staff Induction Quiz
  2. Contractor Induction Quiz
  3. Job Safety Analysis
  4. Pre-Job Checks
  5. Site Audits
  6. Standard Operating Procedure Quizzes
  7. Work Process Alert Form
  8. Contractor Pre-Qualification Review Questionnaire

As an example, where there is a requirement for verification that people have read and understood the content of induction information, an induction quiz can be completed using a smart form. The completed quiz is emailed back to the B-Compliant Administrator. This gives an easy way to measure how well the induction information has been understood. B-Compliant Smart Forms close the communication loop giving an instant response, that allows the completed activity to be stored with evidence, and saved in B-Compliant.

Complementary B-Compliant Smart Forms
These are available as a part of a standard B-Compliant subscription and include:
1. Contractor Pre-Qualification Review Questionnaire
2. Work Process Alert Form

Other smart forms can be built and customised and incur a one-off fee. However, there is no ongoing fee or restriction on the number of people who can use them.
If you are currently subscribed to B-Compliant and wish to enable the complementary smart forms (or) require a customised smart form, do not hesitate to be in contact. Bedrock Solutions remains at your service.