Email Report Blaster

One of the Bedrock Solutions service goals is Elegance: Providing offerings that are clean, simple, easy to work with, and complete – nothing superfluous, nothing omitted. A new feature now available to B-Compliant administrators in the Report Engine is the Email Report Blaster which truly aligns to this service goal.

It allows emails to be sent with uploaded documents, hazard, event and training reports from data stored in B-Compliant. As an example of the efficiency, 1600 uploaded documents were selected, a report generated with hyperlinks and emailed within two minutes.

How to set up B-Compliant to utilise the Email Report Blaster
Step 1: In B-Compliant create a Process Plan and name it “Document Register”. Folders (process records) are added to the “Document Register” where specific documents are uploaded. Due dates are then assigned to each folder aligning to document review dates.

Step 2: Go to the Email Report Blaster in the Report Engine, build your recipient list (from emails entered against people and Sites in B-Compliant or add new email addresses), type a message, select the required documents and BLAST those email reports. Job done!

Email Report Blaster Applications

  • Tenders
  • SiteWise Prequalification
  • Site-Specific Safety Plans
  • Audit Evidence (WorkSafe, ISO, ACC)
  • Staff Inductions
  • Contractor Inductions
  • Hazard Review
  • Document Review
  • Staff Meeting Agenda items
  • Operational Reports

If you require assistance with reviewing your workflows to take advantage of the Email Report Blaster to save hours of administration time, do not hesitate to be in contact. Bedrock Solutions remains at your service.