The Path to Best Practice Health and Safety

To create a best practice health and safety system at your company – one that sends employees home safely every day – it’s important to take a systems approach. That means thinking of the big safety picture. WHAT IS A “SYSTEMS” APPROACH? To best explain, let’s first start with “programs.” A programs approach focuses on compliance – putting the devices and processes in place to align with the necessary regulations and leaving it at that. This is typically a reactive approach influenced by a previous incident.

A “systems” approach goes beyond compliance to focus on performance. This is a proactive approach to continually improve your workplace and incorporate safety into the daily culture.

Let’s take a look at just how a “systems” approach benefits your company. A systems approach is integrated into the day-to-day operational management so that safety culture can be formed over time. For this to occur, there are two key inputs:

  • Management buy-in to promote change and sustainability
  • Employee involvement from all levels: executives, mid-level management, authorised and affected employees
With the support of management and involvement throughout the organisation gained, the next requirement is working through the following steps:
  • Develop a plan
  • Put the plan into action
  • Check the plan periodically
  • Identifying areas of opportunity
Throughout the process, it’s important to reinforce employee engagement and watch your employees to better understand what they are struggling with and responding to well.

Bedrock Solutions works with their clients using B-Compliant to develop and implement a systems approach. This approach will add value to the bottom line as health and safety is not carried out in isolation, it is just one component of doing the job right the first time and ensures good communication throughout the organisation.