What is a healthy workplace?

Essentially, a healthy workplace puts the health and wellbeing of its people at the centre of everything it does. A healthy workplace:

  • values its people and promotes trust
  • promotes and encourages good relationships and collaboration
  • has good communication with and between all levels of staff, and is open and transparent
  • wants its people to be creative, and encourages innovation
  • is aware of, and flexible about, changing work-life commitments and balance
  • is aware of different cultures and religions, and supports a diverse workforce
  • encourages a healthy lifestyle, does what it can to make the healthy choice the easy choice.
How to build a healthy workplace
A healthy workplace has work practices and a health and safety culture that supports its people to stay well, both physically and mentally.

The aim is to build a positive culture of ‘this is how we do things around here’ across all parts of the business, supported by workplace policy, activities, communication and training.

It’s important not to think of workplace wellbeing as being accomplished by one-off actions or as something that employees need to do for themselves. Rather, workplace wellbeing is achieved by ongoing actions made across the workplace. How an organisation is operated and organised, the workplace environment and the people who work within the organisation all make a difference.

Click here for an outline of the continuous improvement process to help you develop a strategy, implement a policy or plan a new initiative or activity. Bedrock Solutions has also created a Wellness Toolkit Guide for subscribed members. This is available in the B-Compliant library.