Why Lockout Tagout?

Lockout Tagout is critical to safeguarding employees around the machinery and equipment they operate, service and maintain. This important safety practice involves de-energising all forms of energy, so any hazardous energy isn’t re-introduced while equipment is being serviced. That way, your employees can get their job done as safely as possible to keep your operation running efficiently.

  • LOCKOUT – Physically ensuring a piece of equipment is inoperable while repairs or adjustments are made with the use of a padlock and a suitable device.
  • TAGOUT – Clearly communicating to employees, with labels and tags, that the equipment is being serviced, should not be operated and when it will return to service.

In a nutshell, Lockout Tagout is used for energy isolation, which means zero energy. Testing of the isolation point of all forms of energy to ensure complete isolation, i.e. zero energy, needs to be verified before operating on the machine or device. When it comes to your lockout program, your employees are the priority. They face equipment challenges every day on the shop floor and deserve protection they can trust.

An effective lockout tagout program goes beyond the locks, tags and devices. In fact, most citations are a result of a lack of proper lockout procedures, program documentation, periodic inspections or other procedural elements. Lockout tagout programs are most successful when you look at the complete safety picture. That means making sure employee training, instructive procedures, the right products and a dedication to continuous improvement are all part of your program. By taking this approach, you could realise great benefits throughout your organisation, including

  • IMPROVING PRODUCTIVITY – Reducing equipment downtime
  • CUTTING COSTS – Significantly decreasing lost employee time and insurance costs
  • SAVING LIVES – Preventing incidents, injuries and even fatalities

By taking a comprehensive approach to your lockout tagout program, just think of the accidents you could prevent. Bedrock Solutions has created a guide to Lockout Tagout for subscribed members. This is available in the B-Compliant library.